How Much Will the iWatch Cost?

Re/Code says Apple execs have discussed a price point of $400 (€300) but that's not final

First of all, we need to make sure Apple will announce the iWatch on September 9 and after that see what the wearable device may cost. A report that looks sketchy showed up on Re/Code today and it is talking about the price for the future Apple device. 
A smartwatch-like device will not get by in the market with a higher price tag unless it brings revolutionary new features over existing competitors' products.

That may prove difficult for Apple, but it doesn't mean the Cupertino, California Tech giant executive team will not set a higher price. It happened with the first-generation iPhone and with the 2010 iPad model, so it may happen again. 

According to Re/Code, the pricing for Apple's new wearable would be around $400 (€300). However, this is not the final price or it may only be the high-end model's tag.

The story on Re/Code does not shed any light on whether Apple is working on multiple iWatch devices. They even back down on one of their previous stories and say the wearable may not have a price point announced in September 9. 

Apple is expected to release two new and larger iPhone models and will probably announce a smartwatch.

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