Here’s the Guy Who Won Apple’s €10,000 iTunes Gift Card ($13.5K)

Phillip Lüpke initially thought he was the target of a scam

A 22-year old student from Hanover, Germany, Phillip Lüpke is the lucky winner of Apple’s €10,000 / $13,500 iTunes Gift Card. Not surprisingly, when Apple rang him up to give him the good news, Phillip thought he was being played for a fool.

“At first I was in disbelief. But then I was very happy, laughed. I’ve gone to my university and told all my friends. It was a very nice day,” he tells Cult of Mac.

Asked what he’ll do with all that iTunes cash, he said, “I think I can realize all my musical wishes and download all the songs I like. But this will be enough for the next few years.”

Hopefully Phillip is aware that he can also spend the 10 grand on applications for iPhone, iPad and OS X, as well as books, movies and TV shows (with the proper gear to boot, of course).

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