Here's Why Flappy Bird Became So Popular, So Fast [WSJ]

A Swedish gamer took Flappy Bird to unimaginable heights

Nguyen Ha Dong is said to be working on three new Flappy-like games already, but people are still interested in the success and ultimate demise of Flappy Bird, the game that started it all.

For instance, a lot of people still don’t know what made it so popular. Once you know it’s the craze, it’s easy to be bought into it. But what if no one told you Flappy Bird was this and that? Chances are you’d have deleted the app after the first failed attempt at the game’s goal.

Well, it seems Flappy Bird’s success had something to do with a Swede who published a video of the game on YouTube (embedded above). The clip ended up amassing 10 million views, at which point Flappy became a sensation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “‘Flappy Bird’ initially had a quiet start to life, launching in May last year to relatively little attention. Mr. Dong didn't bother trying to promote it. But in January Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg —better known as YouTube star PewDiePie—featured it in a rundown of his favorite games. The video has since been watched 9.8 million times, and helped to propel ‘Flappy Bird’ to the top of the app charts.”

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