Hefty 3.2 Update for Google Maps on iOS Download

Google updated their iOS Maps App with better search results handling, among others

Google Maps is the best Maps app on iOS and it stays on top even after Apple took it out of the default list apps of iOS.

Google managed to create another app for iOS and the great advantage is that the Maps app can be updated whenever the Google developers are done adjusting the new features, not just once a year, when iOS updates to another major version. 
Google Maps for iPhone and iPad is a full-fledged navigation app that delivers a great experience for the end user, and sometimes it has much better maps than the default Maps.app. 
The version 3.2.0 has been released today and it brings some goodies for the search box and results. 
First of all, you can actually see the search results appear with description right on the map, so you can take your decision faster. Also, the same results can be seen in a list, and you can chose how you would like to have them. 
If you are a Gmail user, you can now see your reservations and appointments from your email labeled on the map. There's also a new function called "Explore," a local guide with different places and activities that changes with your location and time of the day. 
Make sure to get the new Google Maps app here

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