Hackers Hit Apple’s iMessage Service on iOS / OS X

The first to report getting hit by the hack are actual hackers

Two prominent hackers on the jailbreak scene today are reporting a security breach involving Apple’s iMessage text-messaging service on iOS and OS X.

“On Wednesday night my private iMessage handle got flooded with ‘Hi’ and ‘We are anonymous’ [expletive],” iH8sn0w tells TNW.

Grant Paul, another iOS developer and hacker who was targeted, provides some insight into the attack, saying “What’s happening is a simple flood: Apple doesn’t seem to limit how fast messages can be sent, so the attacker is able to send thousands of messages very quickly.”

iMessage will either crash constantly or get saturated with messages before the user can take any action.

iH8sn0w says Apple will probably notice the attack on its servers and block the spamming. The company currently doesn’t allow users to block a specific iMessage sender.

Targeted users may be required to turn off iMessage entirely until Apple comes up with a fix. Fortunately, there have been few reports of this “denial of service” attack being used in the wild.

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