Hacker: iOS 6 Protection Level Surpasses Every OS Out There

iOS customers are curious when they’ll be able to grab the jailbreak

As hackers work to develop an untethered jailbreak for the latest Apple hardware and software, end-users are waiting on their toes for updates from the dev crews.

One such update recently came from famed hacker Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) who has revealed to a follower that iOS 6 has so many circumventing features, it’s probably the toughest nut to crack so far.

Asked whether the jailbreak could come out before January, Joshua said, “the protections in iOS6 are ridiculous… it surpasses any OS ever created… it will be a long slow process.”

That doesn’t directly answer the follower’s question, but it does indicate that things are not moving at a fast pace on the iOS 6 jailbreak front. Which means there’s still a lot of waiting to be done before you can hack your new iPhone 5, for example.

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