Guy Beats iPhone Thief Senseless on San Diego Beach – Video

Owner’s friend recommends Find My iPhone, records the old-school brawl on camera

A man whose iPhone got stolen was able to track down the thief using Apple’s own Find My iPhone application which pinpoints a designated device onto a map.

Aided by a friend who recorded the chase as well as the brawl on camera, the man was able to recover his precious smartphone.

Asked by the local press why they decided to jump the thief instead of calling the police, the duo said the chase got their adrenaline up.

“It’s not the phone that’s so much important, it’s just the fact that people get away with this kind of stuff all the time,” said the iPhone owner.

As the footage embedded above shows (viewer discretion is advised), an off-duty officer stepped in to calm spirits down. The police are still trying to determine the appropriate penalty for each of the three individuals involved in the brawl.

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