Google Sued for Tracking Safari Users

First case of its kind in the UK, led by law firm Olswang

A number of Safari users have filed a privacy case against Google for circumventing the security settings on Apple's web browser to track their usage behavior online.

The case is said to be the first of its kind in the UK. Law firm Olswang reveals in a press statement that a number of people with concerns about Google's tracking habits decided to take legal action against the search giant.

These people formed a campaigning group called “Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking.” The Facebook page is available at

Olswang says the accusations revolve around tracking cookies, “which had been secretly installed by Google on the computers and mobile devices of people using Apple's Safari internet browser,” it notes.

The first claimant to issue proceedings said, “Google claims it does not collect personal data but doesn't say who decides what information is ‘personal.’ Whether something is private or not should be up to the internet surfer, not Google. We are best placed to decide, not them.”

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