Google Chrome iOS Gets Background Audio Support

The browser now allows sound to play when the app is backgrounded

Google has released a minor update to Chrome on iPhone and iPad – the browser now lets you listen to audio coming from whatever page you have opened, even with the app running in the background.

In a textbook demonstration of how multitasking needs to be done on iOS, Google Chrome allows sound to play when the app is backgrounded. For example, if you’re listening to music on the web via Chrome iOS and you suddenly decide you want to use your phone for something else while listening to music, now you can.

Simply swap your finger on the multitasking play in iOS and you should see that Chrome has taken over the play / pause controls. Simply hit play and you’re good to go.

Requirements include any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that supports iOS 4.3 or later. Chrome iOS is also optimized for iPhone 5.

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