Gold iPhone 5s Sells for $10,000 / €7,400 on eBay Updated

Hopefully the buyer realizes the phone isn’t actually made of gold

It doesn’t get much crazier than this folks. The popular Gold-colored iPhone 5s is fetching exorbitant sums on eBay for the people who were smart enough to sit in line on day one.

Make that day minus-14 for some who reportedly camped out in front of their local Apple shop for two weeks to be first in line to get the handset.

Gold has been the most popular color by quite a margin, and some are willing to pay quite a premium price to own one now.

Numerous offers are already available on eBay with prices in the thousands of dollars, and one particular bid has closed at $10,100 / €7,400.

That’s right folks. Someone has paid the equivalent of a home (in some parts of the world) to buy a phone. Hopefully the buyer knows that the Gold iPhone 5s isn’t actually made from gold.

UPDATE: It appears that the auction has been cancelled. The bidder reportedly wasn't "authentic."

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