Gmail 3.0 Finally Gets Background App Refresh on iOS 7

The app now fetches your mail even when it is not open

Google today offers Gmail 3.0 for download on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The updated email app receives, at long last, the ability to fetch messages even if Gmail is closed on the customer’s handset.

A highly anticipated addition, background app refreshing is a feature typical to iOS 7, meaning that if you want to benefit from this functionality you need the latest iPhone firmware installed.

Google explains: “Gmail now fetches your mail even when it is not open so it will be waiting for you when you open the app. Requires iOS 7 and at least one type of notification (badge, alert, or banner) to be turned on,” according to the release notes.

Also part of this update is a simplified sign-in method which allows users to log into Google Apps like Gmail, Maps, Drive, and the popular Chrome web browser. Google says, “Sign in to one, and you'll be signed in to all automatically.”

When you download Gmail 3.0 on your iPhone or iPad, you may need to sign into Gamil again, just to make sure everything works properly. According to Google, “In some cases, you may need to sign-in to Gmail again after this update.” The 3.0 update technically doesn’t require iOS 7, so if you want to install the new Gmail client on an iOS 6 device, you can.

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