Girl Says iDo to iPad-Turned-Engagement-Ring

“She immediately said yes, and threw her arms around me”

By on December 29th, 2012 12:11 GMT

A very industrious fellow decided he’d use an original approach to propose to his girl, so he acquired an iPad mini, press-stamped a metal plate with the big question, carved a hole in the middle of the box to make room for the ring, and swapped it for the tablet.

She was probably already excited when she saw her gift, but she soon became ecstatic when she opened the box to find what’s pictured above.

“I know I cried a little, and as soon as I opened the lid on the box and she saw what was inside, so did she,” proposer rad_rob says. “She immediately said yes, and threw her arms around me. I felt like a total stud.”

For who’s asking (and I’m sure many of you are), she also got the iPad.