Get a Load of These Lamborghini Tractors in Farming Simulator 2013 for Mac

$27.99 / €24.99 to see what it takes to become a modern day farmer

FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE has released Farming Simulator 2013, “the largest and most exciting farming simulator ever made,” in the Mac App Store.

It’s not like there’s a hundred such games out there, but Farming Simulator 2013 is indeed a looker. And the gameplay doesn’t sound half bad either.

Players get to engage in tasks like animal husbandry, crops, sales, managing and growing their own farm. Players progress in their career by completing different missions and they get to control over a hundred farming vehicles and machines, including some nifty Lamborghini tractors.

“Crops” features the newly added sugar beet and potatoes, and there’s some new livestock to be had as well, including chicken and sheep.

Farming Simulator 2013 requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (or higher). Download at the link below and enjoy.

Download Farming Simulator 2013 for Mac

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