Genius Bar Atom Sign Sells for $600 / €455 on eBay

The most iconic symbol of the Apple retail store, right after the fruit

An eBay user has been able to sell a Genius Bar atom logo online for the cool sum of $600/€455. Considering that the item was probably found in a dumpster somewhere, the deal has been highly lucrative for this seller.

As you walk into any Apple retail store around the globe, you’re bound to see the awesome atom sign hanging on a wall behind the Genius counter.

A lot of people are finding it appealing, and some Apple fans probably wish they had one mounted at home. At least one person can now proudly hang one in their room and call themselves the first Apple Genius without a permit from the Mac maker.

Why was this thing so expensive? Well, because Apple commissions the destruction of all such items when a store is being remodeled, torn down, etc.

A short note before I end this piece. If someone has the Genius Bar atom logo hung on their bedroom wall, that doesn’t mean you have to trust him / her with your Mac and a screwdriver.

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