Games Listings Appear on Apple TV, Most Likely an Error

Though some believe Apple is finally opening up apps on the black box

Apple is mistakenly displaying holiday games and apps on the Apple TV version of iTunes, though some consider the error to be a sign that Cupertino is finally opening the device to more content, including games.

Originally reported by Mac OS Ken, the discovery is credited to a guy named Blair from Hollywood who sent in an email with the above screenshot.

“…I think Apple has left an obvious clue that apps are coming to Apple TV,” writes Ken, though it is most likely just a bug and nothing more. The apps are obviously incompatible with any of the existing set-top boxes from Apple.

However, according to a recent discovery in Apple TV beta software, Apple has opened up the gadget to Bluetooth pairing.

That, to us, sounds like a far better indication that hooking up a gamepad will be possible in the near future. All it needs now is App Store access, and today’s glitches seem to confirm it’s technically possible.

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