Fully Assembled (from Leaked Parts) iPhone 6 Boots Up for the First Time – Video

If you have connections inside the supply chain you can make your own phone apparently

This has to be a strange first. A team that customizes iOS devices and has connections inside Apple's supply chain managed to get their hands on every part of the next iPhone 6. And since they have the necessary expertise, the guys assembled the phone and turned it on. 
The video footage posted online is pretty short, but it shows a real working iPhone 6, for the first time, even before Apple's big reveal. The guys over at Feld & Volk are the first to have a fully functional iPhone 6, because they made their own. 
Earlier this morning, they have revealed parts of the device like the back casing and logic board. We were able to see the A8 System on a Chip and a new chip that may turn out to be one related to the NFC. A few hours later, the same team posted another photo and now a video of the next-generation iPhone booting up. 
Take this with a grain of salt, however, because some of the details of the phone do not match iOS 8, and the device may have an iPhone 5s digitizer behind the iPhone 6 screen.
Apple will be announcing the new phone on September 9 during an event scheduled to take place in Cupertino, California. 

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