Free City Building Sim “Megapolis” Updated for iPhone and iPad

Players get new options for building large structures and fixes

Social Quantum has released Megapolis 1.4.1262, an updated version of its widely popular citybuilder game enjoyed by millions in more than 20 countries across the globe.

Megapolis 1.4.1262 delivers new options for building large structures and expands the TOP leaderboard to support a total of 1,000 players.

The developers changed the order in which items are organized under the NEW tab, and buddies can now be deleted thanks to another handy tweak.

Social Quantum also made some adjustments to the app’s resources which resulted in a lighter binary. The game now weighs in at 49.2 MB.

A bunch of fixes are included as well. For example, some players experienced a problem when connecting to Facebook, while others reported an error leading to an application freeze during startup. Both these glitches have been addressed. Other fixes are also included.

Download Megapolis iOS (Free)

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