Free Calling App Voxofon Now Sends Photos and Videos to Any Phone Out There

Version 5.5.0 offers PTT messaging, location sharing, and more

Free calling and texting app Voxofon 5.5.0 offers the new ability to send photos and videos to literally any phone in the world, presumably for free.

Personally I don’t use Voxofon, but according to the release notes for version 5.5.0, you can now “send photo and videos to ANY phone!” The developer stresses, “We mean it! Your messages will be delivered to any mobile phone anywhere in the world.”

Also new is the push-to-talk (PTT) feature for voice messaging, and the app’s ability to share your location. Remember that you can earn free credits for your paid calls and messages, Voxofon LLC says.

“Your friends will pay regular SMS fees to their mobile operators when replying to your SMS messages. When they use the Voxofon app – messaging is completely free,” the company adds.

Download Voxofon on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 6.0 (or newer) installed.

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