Watch Apple's New iPad mini TV Ads – Books and Photos Updated

New iPad commercials continue to emphasize features through music

Apple is obviously pushing to direct as much as attention as possible towards the new iPad mini. And the company is doing a heck of a job with a series of commercials that speak more through music than by touting features verbally.

Piano is the first such ad aired by Apple. Analyzed thoroughly by the blogosphere over the past two weeks, the TV spot is a hit with fans of the Cupertino giant, as it describes the iPad mini with just a few musical notes.

Taking cues from the first ad, two more commercials followed suit in pitching the iPad mini as a worthy heir to the tablet PC throne.

“Books” shows off the e-reading capabilities of the diminutive tablet, and how it offers the full iPad experience in a smaller form factor.

“Photos” gives us a look at the iPad mini’s viewing and editing capabilities (via iPhoto), featuring “Two of a Kind” sung by Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer (thanks Statesjack for claryfing that).

Watch the two ads here on Apple’s website, or embedded in this blog post.

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