Foxconn Renegotiates Worker Compensation Following Strike

Apple partner takes measures to muffle a troubling strike at its Wuhan campus

Foxconn has reportedly resolved its differences with workers following a strike in which several hundred individuals accusing poor compensation for their work had threatened to commit suicide.

One of the most important partners of Apple, Foxconn issued a statement today saying the dispute last week has been resolved successfully and peacefully, according to the New York Times.

On the downside, 45 workers have resigned.

Contrary to previous reports on the matter, Foxconn said there were only about 150 protesting workers, not 300. The company added that most of them agreed to return to work after negotiations with the company and local government officials.

Details of the agreement are not available to the public, but one of the workers, who was privy of these negotiations, said they were promised additional compensation.

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