Fotopedia Update Puts All Stories in-App

All Fotopedia apps now support for iOS 6 Facebook and Twitter sharing

Fotonauts is out with a bunch of updates for its highly-educational and visually appealing Fotopedia applications for iPhone and iPad, adding new ways to navigate through stories and support for iOS 6 features.

There’s an all-new way to search the globe for visual wonders in the latest Fotopedia apps, and all the stories are now available in the app, which means you never have to go online to learn the tale of a an aborigine, a tree, or a sea.

Support for iOS 6 Facebook and Twitter sharing is finally available, and the map view has been improved tenfold.

The Fotonauts have updated no less than six of their Fotopedia apps today. Fotopedia Heritage in particular was updated with these latest enhancements as early as November 2nd.

All of the app’s we’ve listed for download below are iOS 5-compatible and have been optimized for iPhone 5.

Download Fotopedia Women of the World 1.2 (Free)

Download Fotopedia National Parks 2.1 (Free)

Download Fotopedia North Korea 2.1 (Free)

Download Fotopedia Japan 2.3 (Free)

Download Fotopedia Heritage 4.3 (Free)

Download Dreams of Burma 2.2 (Free)

Download Above France 2.1 (Free)

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