Here's How Foxconn Looks on the Inside (Video)

Apple’s Chinese partner allows American television network to interview its workers

In a special “Nightline” edition yesterday, American television network ABC offered the first ever glimpse inside Foxconn factories, particularly those that handle assembly of the Apple iPhone and iPad.

“Although we didn’t find any egregious violations, if the Fair LAbor Association finds any violations, we’ll report those going forward,” said anchorman Bill Weir.

The coverage is summarized in a five-minute video (embedded below) that reveals working conditions, as well as living conditions at and around Foxconn facilities.

The network showed that employees suffered from fatigue and boredom, and that they did the exact same thing every day, six days a week. Most complaints were about the wages, ABC said.

Clearly, there are still improvements to be made in Foxconn-land, but ABC’s report does suggest that the situation isn’t as bad as other networks’ reports painted it.

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