First iPhone 5 Spy Software Available from Retina-X

See if your significant other is a cheater, track your kids’ private lives

Retina-X Studios has released the first spy software compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5. The solution can help parents keep a closer eye on their kids’ activities, and it works just as well for married couples who don’t trust each other.

Great world we live in, don’t you agree? This one comes via AppModo which seems to have obtained confirmation from Retina-X that their spy software is now good to go for the iPhone 5.

My gut tells me it has something to do with the newly released evasi0n jailbreak, otherwise I can’t think of a reason why they waited so long to deploy Mobile Spy on a smartphone launched months ago.

The software is said to record “applications used, phone call details, text messages sent and received, photos taken, websites visited, and more.” In other words, zero privacy for who’s using that condemned handset.

The solution comes in monthly plans, and there’s even an annual subscription. My question is: who needs a year’s worth of monitoring to decide whether or not to get a divorce?

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