First-Person Horror Game “Anna” Released for Mac

A haunting tale of psychological terror set in an abandoned sawmill

The Mac Game Store is featuring Kalypso Media Digital's Anna, a first-person horror adventure game reminiscent of the Penumbra series.

A game that “explores the darkest depths of the human psyche,” Anna is set in an abandoned sawmill high in the mountains, where players are said to uncover some “horrific” clues related to the girl’s dark past.

Anna will change locations and unveil new secrets as players progress through the game. Featuring a multi-scenario ending, Anna allows you to determine the mental health of your main character.

This haunting tale of psychological terror boasting a faithful 3D recreation of the Italian countryside with grass so green it can burn your retina requires an Intel-based computer and Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) or later. The game costs $9.99 / €7.8 and is available here.

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