First OS X 10.9 Beta Could Be Days Away

Traffic stemming from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters ramps up yet again

Reports indicate that Apple is getting close to release the first developer beta of OS X 10.9, an unconfirmed (yet very likely) new version of the company’s desktop operating system.

A spike in traffic from Apple’s Cupertino campus using Intel computers running OS X 10.9 has been observed lately, including on, indicating that the Mac maker is about to begin widespread testing of the next major Mac OS.

Apple seeded the first Mountain Lion beta to developers in February 2012. With the company’s annual refresh cycle regarded as tradition, the first OS X 10.9 beta could arrive any day now.

There is a lot of speculation as to what the new OS will be called, with Apple running out of cat names with each new release. “Lynx” is the dubbing on everybody’s lips, but we have to stress that there is absolutely no evidence backing up the name.

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