First-Ever Jony Ive Biography Hits the Shelves

Tracing the life of Apple’s designer from his childhood to his rise up executive ranks

If you’re a fan of Apple’s products, chances are you’ve heard of Jonathan Ive, the guy who makes the designs for the company’s iconic gadgets. The first full-length biography of Ive is now available.

You may have also heard of Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac editor-in-chief and author of “Inside Steve’s Brain,” a bestselling book about the late Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple along with Steve Wozniak.

Kahney decided it was time to do a new write-up for Apple’s fans, so he came up with “Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products,” the first full-length biography of the famous designer. You can grab it today.

The book is said to trace Jony Ive’s life from his childhood in the UK through his rise up the executive ranks at Apple. The read promises to be an exciting one, with “unique insight into the ultra-secret Industrial Design studio and will change your thinking about the role of ‘design’ within Apple.”

In the book, Kahney also talks about Ive’s “James Bond supercar.”

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