Firefox 18.0b1 Has Retina Display Support for 2012 Macs

The browser now displays razor-sharp text and imagery on new-gen Macs

Mac owners waiting anxiously for Mozilla to beef up Firefox with Retina compatibility can breathe a sigh of relief because the latest beta adds just that – Retina display support.

Firefox 18, currently in beta, includes JavaScript improvements that make Web apps and games perform better. The browser further includes support for W3C Touch Events and last but certainly not least, “Firefox Beta also supports Retina Display for Mac users,” according to the release notes.

The official changelog (part of which you can see displayed in the screenshot above) clarifies that the Retina goodness only applies to OS X 10.7 or higher Mac OS installations.

Also worth noting for Mac users, the latest Stable version of Firefox (17.0) no longer supports OS X 10.5 Leopard. For those running newer versions of the Mac OS, Firefox 17 and newer (beta / alpha) versions can be grabbed via the link below.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X (Free)

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