Female Developer Launches “Online Purchases” iPhone App

Record your purchases as a checklist, no more receipts buried under piles of paper

Unsurprisingly sold by a female developer, Online Purchases is a new iPhone app that aims to help you keep track of all your orders so that you never miss a delivery.

Melissa Reilly is confident that her app is a must-have for anyone making Internet purchases “where you pay for the item before you lay eyes on it.”

You can use it to add stores, websites and lists, as well as to record your purchases as a checklist. A Purchase Date picker so that you can track when an item should be arriving is also available.

Melissa encourages you to say goodbye to receipts buried under piles of paper by purchasing her $0.99 / €0.89 app from iTunes. “Take the stress out of online shopping!” she says.

Well, you heard her. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch capable of running iOS 5, visit the link below to grab the app now.

Download Online Purchases iOS

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