FedEx Destroys Guy’s iPad After 5-Week Wait

Apple fan receives his iPad mini smashed beyond imagination

They say there’s a reason why you don’t buy iPads from Walmart, but the same proverb should apply for shipping service FedEx. A US customer ordered an iPad mini five weeks ago only to receive it battered beyond use… heck even beyond recycling.

The image above is the end result of a five-week wait on behalf of Reddit user “vinlays” and a messy transport on behalf of US shipping service FedEx.

Whoever is to blame for this mess, the buyer is undoubtedly entitled to a refund / a new iPad from Apple. Considering he ordered the tablet from the official Apple website, the two companies should settle the matter on their own terms, putting the customer first.

One can only imagine how big of a blow (pun intended) this meant to poor vinlays. Cheer up dude! At least you were among the first to own one. Battered as it may be.

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