Famous Fitness Instructor Hired at Apple, Likely for iWatch Development

Jay Blahnik confirmed his new carrier shift on Twitter

Jay Blahnik, known for his vast fitness expertise, has confirmed a career shift which will supposedly enable him to work on the next revolutionary product from Apple Inc.

Having helped out with the development of Nike’s popular fitness products, such as the Nike+ Kinect Training and Nike+ FuelBand, Blahnik indirectly confirmed in a series of tweets that he had taken up a job at Apple.

Moreover, the renowned fitness instructor and consultant has since deleted details about his career from his public website, in what seems to suggest he’s taken up an important project at Apple.

Which bodes pretty well with rumors about the Cupertino giant developing a sensor-packed iWatch that puts a miniaturized computer on your wrist.

The bad news is Apple’s iWatch probably won’t be released until next year, as there haven’t been any solid leaks to suggest an unveiling by the end of 2013.

The good news is that with a guy like Jay Blahnik aboard, Apple will probably make the best wearable gadget ever.

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