Fake iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand Apps Emerge on Google Play

Search giant quickly removes listings after confirming they were indeed scams

Google play has been featuring a few strange titles lately that the search giant quickly pulled. Why were they strange? Because they appeared to be from Apple Inc.

As any Apple fan will tell you, hell might freeze before Apple submits iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band to the Android application market. The company’s iWork productivity suite – Keynote, Pages, and Numbers – is also out of the question.

Not only would Apple have to code up entirely new versions of these apps just to accommodate the highly-fragmented Android OS, the move would be almost impossible from a marketing standpoint.

Yet, the six Apple-developed applications enumerated above appeared on Google’s play market recently, albeit only with their names (and their official descriptions). Eagle-eyed users quickly spotted the scam and reported it to Google. The search giant promptly removed the listings, restoring tranquility to its app store.

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