Facebook on iOS Now Lets You Install Apps from Ads

Banners open the App Store with the Facebook app open in the background

The Facebook mobile client now allows iPhone and iPad users to install apps from pop-up ads without leaving their social networking.

Facebook’s Deborah Liu explains that mobile app ads generally drive installs by taking people to the App Store, but Facebook on iOS 6 does something even smarter. It pops up the App Store itself in overlay mode.

“Now, people on iOS 6 can install an app without leaving their Facebook experience. When they click on an ad, the App Store will appear in another dialog box,” Liu explains.

The app installs in the background and users can continue where they left off on Facebook by simply dismissing the ad.

Facebook’s advertising division has also updated app insights to provide demographic breakdown of all mobile app installs. Primarily targeting developers and advertisers alike, the latest Facebook SDK lets users measure total new installs by age, gender, and country.

Developers can also measure the total installs of a given app and the effectiveness of ads by integrating their app with Facebook's latest SDK.

“We believe that mobile app install ads are great for apps with a high lifetime value of a user,” says Liu.

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