Facebook iOS Crashes Fixed in 6.7.1 Update, Download Now Updated

Customer complain about unusable Facebook client on iDevices

After rolling out a new update with various new features, today Facebook Inc. superseded that release with an incremental point-one update addressing widely reported bugs.

Yesterday, Facebook Inc. released version 6.7 of its iOS client application, delivering post-editing support for iPad users, new language support and icons, as well as a handful of bug fixes.

But where Facebook 6.7 giveth, Facebook 6.7 taketh. New crashing bugs slipped through the cracks in this new version, leaving some customers unable to even launch the app on their iDevices.

The social network quickly went back to the drawing board, isolated said bugs, and released Facebook 6.7.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Download Facebook 6.7.1 for your iDevice today to get rid of the crashing bugs.

If you haven’t updated in a while, this version also includes the new features mentioned above.

Update: Looks like the new Facebook 6.7.1 doesn't cut it either. Reader "Joan" says: "I just tried to update 6.7.1 on my iphone 4 and it froze? I tried to shut phone off and on and still no luck."

For those of you who aren't experiencing crashes all the time, it might be best to put off the update until Facebook completely squashes all the bugs.

Update #2: Facebook 6.7.1 now available for download again.

Update #2: Facebook 6.7.1 is now available for download again, seemingly bug free.

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