Ex Apple CEO Says Samsung Should Hire Ron Johnson

Johnson could do wonders for Samsung’s store-in-store outlets

Ex Apple CEO John Sculley is not shy of giving advice to technology giants, even though he hasn’t exactly done a fabulous job at Apple.

Known for being directly responsible for Steve Jobs’ ousting from Apple back in the ‘80s, John Sculley believes Samsung should make an important hire for their retail division. The person he believes Samsung should tap for that position is none other than Ron Johnson, Apple’s former retail SVP.

After failing to reinvent retail at JC Penney, Johnson is finding himself without a job as of late.

“If I were Samsung, I’d be tapping him to go into those new fifty store-in-stores,” Sculley said in a TV interview with Bloomberg.

“Ron Johnson would be a superb executive to go in and build an experience for Samsung in the store-in-store at Best Buy similar to what he did at Apple,” he added.

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