Ensure Your iPod Never Gets Stolen, Hide It in a Zune

Hide your precious iDevice in a Zune enclosure for $29.95 / €22.7

If you’re looking for an anti-theft solution for your iPhone or iPod, look no further than the Hide-a-Pod, a protective case for Apple iDevices made from a Microsoft Zune.

When the people at hideapod.com heard how many iDevices get stolen each year they knew something had to be done. So they thought up a great solution: hide the gear in an ugly enclosure. For one reason or another (not really), they immediately thought of the Zune.

According to the company’s FAQ, these things sell for so little on eBay that they can actually afford buying them to take out the guts and remodel them inside to fit any iPhone or iPod.

For the price of $29.95 €22.7, you even get a “squirt” module. Sounds interesting? Hit up their site for more info.

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