Dumb Ways to Die Is One Super Funny Casual Game for Your iPhone, iPad

Protect private parts from piranhas, feed rattlesnakes, wipe up vomit, etc.

As I was browsing through the App Store looking for new stuff, I happened upon Dumb Ways to Die, a game by Metro Trains Melbourne which is quietly climbing the ranks in the Free Apps section.

Dumb Ways to Die is one of the funniest casual games I’ve ever installed on my iPhone. You get these adorably dumb characters to play with and defend them from all sorts of dangers, like zooming trains, piranhas, wasps, fire, you name it.

If you complete the puzzle in time, you get to save them. If you don’t, you get to watch them succumb. So it’s a win - win even if you’re not very good at the game.

Version 1.1 is on the scene allowing you to “Take the Don't Do Dumb Stuff Around Trains pledge,” and the ability to turn off the plane game.

“If you have trouble with this one just unselect it on the options screen and it won't appear when you're playing,” says Metro Trains Melbourne. Also new in this update is a “secret psycho.”

Download Dumb Ways to Die for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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