Dropbox Offers iPad Users a Workaround for Failure to Launch App

“Please re-install the app and turn on ‘Passcode Lock’ in the app’s settings”

Dropbox, the popular storage and file sharing service, has released a quick workaround for an issue experienced by iPad users. A new patch is on the way. In the meantime, users are advised to follow these steps to troubleshoot their issues on the iPad.

Apparently a lot of Dropbox 2.1 users have been unable to launch the app on their iPads. Some report crashes and other kinds of misbehavior, but the developers say they’re aware of these issues. “We are working to get a fix out ASAP!” says Dropbox.

Meanwhile, iPad users experiencing troubles are told to do the following: “If you are unable to open Dropbox, please re-install the app and turn on ‘Passcode Lock’ in the app's settings.”

Dropbox 2.1.1, the current version available in the App Store, delivers “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

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