Dream JB Is Fake, Don’t Expect Any Jailbreak Release This Week – Hackers

Anonymous “Dream Jailbreak” author promises to have proof ready by tomorrow

It appears that Dream JB is nothing more than a scam, going by one of our sources and even renowned hackers like Stefan Esser (@i0n1c).

Earlier today I got a poke from one of my Twitter followers regarding Dream JB, an alleged new jailbreak service that promises to have an untethered hack ready for all iPhone users this week.

Apple Priest – who has reliably tipped us off in the past – told me he had his doubts about Dream JB, pointing out to similar scams.

Renowned hacker Stefan Esser (going by the Twitter handle @i0n1c) seemingly confirms our fears:

“Wow that fake jailbreak account @dreamjailbreak already has more than 10000 victims^H^H^Hfollowers,” he wrote to his 100K+ followers today.

To his defense, the Dream Jailbreak author says he will have proof of his untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak this week.

“Fans and followers, skeptics, whoever you may be, you're all important to me. Your proof is less than a day away, and I won't let you down,” he writes.

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