Download iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows

A dramatically simplified player, a completely redesigned Store, and new iCloud features

After a long wait Apple has released iTunes 11, a new version of its media player and digital storefront application for Mac OS X and Windows featuring a dramatically simplified player, a redesigned store interface, and new iCloud features.

iTunes now has an edge-to-edge design and custom artwork for each album, movie and TV show. Personal recommendations are now a priority, and the store interface has been revamped to look cleaner for better discovery of new favorites.

Every iTunes purchase now appears in a new iCloud section, where you can double click any file to play it directly, or download a copy to your computer.

The new MiniPlayer shows what's playing complete with album art, “Up Next,” and boasts easy searching functions. Speaking of search, just type in the search field and you'll instantly see results from your entire library.

Finally, iCloud now remembers your place in a TV show or movie. Just hit play and you’re back where you left off.

Download iTunes 11 for Mac

Download iTunes 11 for Windows

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