Download iSwifter Flash Games Browser 5.2 for iPad

Incorporates YouWeb’s upgraded streaming engine, auto Facebook login

The iSwifter Games Browser, a YouWeb app that lets you play all the hottest flash MMOs and social web games on your iPad, has been upgraded with a new streaming engine. Your gaming experience will be improved tenfold, going by the release notes.

In announcing iSwifter 5.2, YouWeb begins with a less significant enhancement – automatic Facebook login.

iSwifter Games Browser will now remember your Facebook login credentials so it doesn’t become an ordeal to play your favorite games each time you step outside for a second.

To have iSwifter remember their Facebook login credentials, users must check “Keep me logged in” when signing in to Facebook via the app’s interface.

The second change YouWeb is delighted to share has something to do with the app’s actual performance. The developer says, “this version uses our upgraded streaming engine,” which will make it “faster than ever before.”

Download iSwifter Games Browser for iPad (Free)

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