Download iPad HD Retina Wallpapers

Six wallpapers that do justice to the 10-inch Retina display

Graphic design artist Simon C. Page believes “Apple’s new iPad 3, with it’s retina display, is so good it’s just crying out for some decent HD wallpaper.”

So he decided to create six pieces this past weekend as part of his geometric CUBEN 12 series. He’s sharing his works as free downloads (along with some photos of the wallpapers installed on his new iPad).

The images are rendered at 2048px x 2048px resolution at 264dpi (dots-per-inch), the same specs noted by Apple. Each wallpaper has been created from a 24-inch print. “Enjoy and please use them for personal use only,” says Simon.

The artist also has a post chock-full of gorgeous iPad 1 and 2 wallpapers which you can check out right here.

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