Download and Install BBM for iOS from Any Country

You can now get the application from anywhere in the world

Twitter user @duvi found a workaround that will allow iOS users to download and install BBM even if they're not living in New Zealand or another territory that has been given access so far.

In order to do that you will need to change your Apple ID. Simply follow the steps below:

- Head over to your App Store and scroll down the bottom of the page where your Apple ID can be accessed. It's on the bottom left of your App Store. Click on Apple ID and choose View Apple ID.

- Choose Country/Region and the select New Zealand as your country. After you clicking Next you will need to fill in your personal information.

- First of all make sure you choose None in the Credit Card window, as your credit card will not work in New Zealand.

- Under the Billing Address you will need to use a local address, so add in Jacksonville under "Subburb" and 6004 as "Postal Code."

- That's it! Search for BBM for iOS and you will now be able to install it on your iPhone.

I've tested the workaround myself and it works. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I have added some screenshots as proof that this method works. I'm living in a country where BBM for iOS is not available yet and I had to use the procedure above in order to install it. It works 100%.

UPDATE1: BlackBerry has just announced it has paused the rollout of BBM for iOS due to the fact that it had too many users in the first hours. The application has been removed from AppStore temporarily, but those who already downloaded it will be able to continue to use it. Check out BlackBerry's official statement for more details.

UPDATE2: BlackBerry has just issued this short statement: "We will provide you an update on timing as soon as we can. Teams are working non-stop." Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE3: BlackBerry confirmed it will not be able to release BBM for iOS and Android this week. More details on why it took this decision are available here.


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