Download Vuze OS X with Tracker Merging Feature – Beta 8

New beta also lets you drag items from a UPnP Media Server to a device

Vuze, the popular BitTorrent client for Macs formerly known as Azureus, has received a new maintenance update which introduces a tracker-merging feature and the ability to drag items out of a UPnP Media Server to a device, or outside the boundaries of the app.

Users who download the latest Vuze beta ( beta 8) will notice something new should they add a torrent file that already exists in their library.

If the new torrent has additional trackers in it, Vuze will now prompt the user to merge the new trackers into the existing download. You don’t have to, of course, but now there’s an option to do so.

What else? The developers say you can now drag items from a UPnP Media Server either to a device or outside of Vuze.

The software requires Java 1.6 or later, but do be careful as Java poses some security issues as of late. Do some reading before you take the plunge.

Download Vuze for Mac (Free)

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