Download Vuze Beta 6 with “Pause” Keyboard Shortcut for Mac OS X

The library views now show the number of queued torrents

The popular BitTorrent client for Mac users, Vuze has been promoted to version Beta 6 which adds updated library views, new keyboard shortcuts and tweaks relating to the BitTorrent speed test.

Vuze is a very powerful BitTorrent client and many Mac users around the world enjoy using it exclusively for downloading various torrent files.

However, unlike the just-as-popular Transmission, Vuze is ad-supported. It installs a browser toolbar (Vuze Remote) that the program doesn’t actually require to function; it offers to change the homepage for web browsers installed in the system; and it offers to change the default search engine for web browsers.

Not exactly the ideal scenario for a hassle-free experience, but savvy users know how to work around these small caveats.

Moving on to what’s new in Vuze Beta 6, the library views now show the number of queued torrents, and there’s a new keyboard shortcut for “pause for” time feature (under File->Transfers). Additionally, the BitTorrent speed test now disables auto-speed when applying limits, according to the developers.

Download Vuze OS X (Free)

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