Download Vogue MK2 Synthesizer OS X for Free to Demo, Pay $1.99 / €1.79 to Keep

Handy music creation tool for Mac OS X now more affordable than ever

Victor Cerullo is now offering Vogue MK2 Synthesizer for just 2 bucks (1.79 €) in the Mac App Store. Compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard installations (and higher), Vogue MK2 Synthesizer supports MIDI keyboards (or software equivalent).

Featuring an eight-voice standalone MIDI synthesizer with built-in effects, microtonal capabilities, 120 preset sounds, and tuning files, Vogue MK2 Synthesizer lets you plug a MIDI keyboard and just play.

The app is now on sale at just $1.99 / €1.79 and it requires OS X 10.6.0 or later, according to Victor Cerullo. However, if you want to grab it from the Mac App Store, you’ll need OS X 10.6.6 at the very least.

More information on the app can be found in the Readme file inside the "Vogue MK2 Synthesizer" Application Support folder. You’ll have to install the app to get to it, so go ahead and download the Vogue MK2 Synthesizer Demo version at the link below.

Download Vogue MK2 Synthesizer

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