Download VirtualChrome Flash & Java Browser with Extensions for iPad

“Brings the power of the full ‘desktop version’ Google Chrome browser to your iPad”

With all these third-party web browsers floating around promoted as “the fastest” or “the best” ever, it’s becoming increasingly hard to make a pick. Don’t worry, we’ll kindly point your attention to one web browser that allegedly does it all.

VirtualChrome Flash & Java Browser with Extensions - iPad edition aims to bring the power of the full desktop version of Google Chrome to your iPad. This includes Flash, Java and extensions, says the developer.

If you don’t mind paying for it, of course. The pricing varies (in-app purchase) depending on what you want, but the Premium version offers support for Adobe Flash-based interactive sites and games, Chrome Apps and the Chrome Web Store, Java support, Chrome extensions and themes, cloud sync to keep your stuff handy across all your devices, and much more.

The basic version, which still costs $3.99/€3.59 provides Flash, audio & video, and a trial of Java.

Download VirtualChrome browser for iOS

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