Download VLC iRemote Pro for iPhone and iPad

Luka Mirosevic slashes price off advanced VLC remote app

Featured multiple times by Apple in “What's Hot” and “New & Noteworthy,” VLC iRemote Pro is a nifty application coded by Luka Mirosevic with the sole purpose of allowing you to remotely control your computer's VLC Media Player from the couch.

It’s got an intuitive interface, automatic discovery and configuration of VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC, a file browser, search capabilities, a 10-band equalizer (shall I go on?), aspect ratio settings, album art, iPhone 5 support, playlists (more?), a favorites section… ok, it’s getting old.

Point is this app makes for a truly wonderful VLC experience. Luka just slashed the price in half (which is why it made a blimp on our radar) and you can now get it for $1.99 / €1,79.

It only requires iOS 5 and works with most iDevice models. Check out Luka’s site for more details on the setup. Download link below.

Download VLC iRemote Pro iOS

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