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New version lets you muffle users, hashtags and domains

The Iconfactory has released a major new update for Twitterrific users adding muffling of users, hashtags and domains, new image services, faster load times, and hints at push notifications coming in a future version.

A mile-long changelog is accompanying Twitterrific 5.1 and starts with “Muffling of users, hashtags & domains.” Users can now tap and hold on a profile, hashtag or domain to put the kibosh on it.

You can peek at any muffled tweet by tapping on it (and again to close), or tap and hold to cancel it. The settings will be synchronized across devices using iCloud, says The Iconfactory.

New image services have been added:, Mobypicture, and Twitpic Themes can now use the Avenir font but only on iOS 6. The app loads faster when refreshing timelines, and the scrolling speed has been improved as well.

Check out the full changelog here. Twitterrific requires iOS 5.0 minimum.

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