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Update addresses a crash involving protected accounts and multiple follower requests

Twitter Inc. has pushed out a quick maintenance update for users experiencing crashes involving protected accounts. If that’s you, go ahead and grab it now, but do read on for the full scoop.

Only a day after rolling out update 5.3, Twitter Inc. was forced to release another update to patch a newly emerged issue. Apparently, under Twitter 5.3, a crash occurs when a user with a protected account manages multiple follower requests.

If you update to 5.3.1 now, you should be out of the woods.

For those who haven’t updated in a while, Twitter 5.3.1 also includes new improvements to search and Discover on iPhone.

Discover now delivers a single stream of Tweets, Trends, Activity and accounts with pull-to-refresh capabilities, and search results now include older, popular Tweets, relevant mixes of people, Tweets and photos, and more.

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