Download Tweetbot for Mac 0.6.3 with Window Snapping (Alpha 4)

Create new windows and snap them together to make columns

As promised, the fine gents at Tapbots are keeping themselves busy improving the Mac implementation of Tweetbot, one of the world’s best Twitter clients that originally debuted on iOS.

Released as an alpha-grade app last month, Tweetbot makes for one heck of an intuitive Twitter client. Thanks to a recent update, it’s even better!

Tweetbot Alpha 4, or version 0.6.3, comes with window snapping and multiple columns. You can create new windows and snap them together for a multiple column layout view.

There’s a new Menu-bar icon which you can click to get quick access to key features like tweets, @mentions, and direct messages, and the notifications now show up for all accounts on OS X Mountain Lion. Custom image/video/URL services are now in working order, and locations now work under 10.

Download Tweetbot for Mac (Alpha)

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